Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! as A Platform to Model Your Repertoires of Greatness

Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! as A Platform to Model Your Repertoires of Greatness


One of the tools my grandparents gave me to assure I knew who I was and who I had every right to become, in the midst of any difficulty experienced as a result of racism was to know without a doubt that I was equipped with a variety of areas of greatness. Love In Abundance entry into the Title I schools allowed back in 2005, allowed us to see that many of our students were clueless about having any area of greatness. Since my job, duty, and responsibility to each student is to indeed reach one to motivate a great deal more; students are given the gifts given to me at ten years old, via my grandparents Repertoires of Greatness. Each is listed in the second half of the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! Compendium! The only request is as students review the content defining each level of greatness, place self in the spot of consideration by conducting their own evaluation to see how or where they are performing with each for the sake of maximum usage of the power attached to their internal Superhero (masterful expansion of their gifts and talents.) Are you ready?


Repertoire of Greatness – are intentional, proactive, foundational gifts each person has within and their responsibility to rightly define and expand them for their benefit and the global society. As each repertoire of greatness is reviewed, students must place him or herself in the spot of consideration by evaluating their level in each. (Just remember: A level is something reached up for, not down to.)  Prominent areas of greatness capable of enhancing and pronouncing willing students readiness for greater opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Moral Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when students understand that right at any cost is wrong in every situation. Like students believe treating others as they expect to be treated is mandatory to displaying honorable character and mutual amicability.
  • Spoken Repertoire of Greatness –occurs when students regularly add to the depth of his or her lexicon to assure being prepared to impress all with masterful enunciation of points of expression. Like students have a stronger affection for persuasive conversation above personal commentary, and they learn at least five new SAT words every single day. Check out FREEVOCABULARY.COM
  • Written Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when a student’s written communication masterfully relays the details of their story; silently inviting others into providing the assistance needed (via scholarships, paid internships, or grants) to fully expand their story. Like students comprehend the reality of being the person responsible for writing their way into the life desired, and the repercussions that fall at their feet when they have failed to do so with a great deal of finesse, power, and class.
  • Visual Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when students model all attire, whether new or the best available, prompting the favorable attention of others because of the presentation. Like students understand it is their duty to present their best self; not dress beyond their limits to impress anyone enduring financial duress.
  • Repertoire of Greatness in Literacy – occurs when students read books for knowledge, entertainment, exuberance, power, and empowerment. As students expand their definition of self through reading; this student increases the number of opportunities others perceive they are prepared to take control of. These are also the students who typically seek to own their power (via entrepreneurship), instead of loaning out their gifts and talents (through employment)—except of course if their position is in upper management.
  • Cultural Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when students purposely aspire to heighten their academic acuity, while also increasing their knowledge of varied ethnicities because of comprehending the reality of living in a global society. These students know without a doubt that knowledge truly is power and “Your Right Is Not the Only Right That Counts or Matters!”
  • Creative Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when students readily tap into every thought, feeling, gift, talent, or skill set evoking positive acts of creativity, thus a different means of looking at things, life, and their education. This student begins to recognize the power they have to move beyond boredom to change their portion of the world, instead of reducing their life expectations to minimalist plans and fading into that reality.
  • Social Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when students purposely increase their social charisma and power by forming alliances enhancing who they are presently and who they believe they have every right to become. These students do not believe they are better than others because that would be crazy, but they do know and exhibit their power without reducing the power of others. They know there is power given to each person, if they choose to tap into it or not. The greatest benefit this student affords themselves is the adaptation of relational networking as a power tool opening the door to perpetual life and career advantages.
  • Economic Repertoire of Greatness – occurs when students understand it is equally valuable to become proficient in budgeting, saving, and giving back as life norm adaptations, because of their duty to self to increase all aspects of his/her financial and social character development ~ which includes becoming philanthropic. The components of Economic Capital are important feats to master if the student’s plans include living all aspects of the future according to their level of greatness—with the level of financial compensation matching the hard work and intentional sacrifices made mandatory.

The goal is for every student to become a supreme asset to self for self to secure the finesse necessary to achieve their level of zealot to obtain their dreams for the future.

The objective is to present self as one voluntarily mastering the expectations of society instead of being perceived as one merely causing trouble or blaming others for why they did not… or do not achieve the things connected to their dream fulfillment.

LOVE BREAK! Every repertoire of greatness listed are areas old school Black parents taught their children to provide them access to information the greater society was willing to prohibit Black children from acquiring. Mastering each, therefore, removes the conversations about what these students cannot do or are not qualified for, and instead provides the wherewithal making these students as marketable and viable as any other. The bonus for each student beyond believing he or she is inexorable is these students will masterfully maneuver through life, achieving their goals and objectives without gaining an over inflated sense of entitlement, acting arrogantly, getting on people’s nerves by being conceited, or feeling they have to take away from or tear down the greatness exhibited in any other!


If you want to help a student live their repertoires of greatness, refer them to and be sure to have them list you as they person to have referred them.  Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! places the power of their brand in their control. Will you help us guide them?