Who Am I to Me™

Purple signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination

--Intake and The First Nine Weeks of Activities

Student—Defined by A Black Life Experienced in America: is a person, child and adult, seeking to fulfill the greatness within them, masterfully learning any and everything connected to their purpose, to then infuse the knowledge acquired to be the difference GOD created them to be in their portion of the global universe—respectfully, charmingly, graciously, and masterfully, absolutely, on purpose!

  • WHO AM I TO ME™ is a means for every willing student to make some startling discoveries about themselves, through a set of tools used to create their foundational beliefs about self, to empower them to know, once and for all, WHO AM I TO ME™ for themselves. As students begin to believe the playing field of opportunities have been leveled in their mind and in their favor; they will have a better understanding of the phases of self, capable of propelling into the dreams they think about, which will work to help them feel assured of exactly who they have every right to become;


  • WHO AM I TO ME™ is a means to respectfully refuse to live another person’s lies over their own individually discovered and developed truths. This phase of self-discovery will work to empower willing students to live the difference they were born to be in inherent equality, without hesitation, and without seeking external validation of their right to be exactly who they are;


  • WHO AM I TO ME™ is a means of showing every equally deserving student who they are versus who they are not; while decreasing the student’s will to be known as reactionary people without significant potential or focus. Students discover some absolute truths connected to their repertoires of greatness (old school mandates to develop character, show the power of an esteemed moral countenance and work ethic, while creating exquisite social charisma and charm to excel in any area they chose to enter—in the midst of any bias, prejudice, or discrimination to supersede America’s only offering of equality, via systemic inequality);


  • WHO AM I TO ME™ is a means of helping students deemed and treated as marginalized minorities in America, increase their awareness of some of the Components of Human Capital, specifically: Moral, Spoken, Written, Visual, Literacy, Cultural, Creative, Social, and Economic Repertoires of Greatness.


  • WHO AM I TO ME™ is the focus on a book to be published after a Cover Design Contest Fundraiser for Love In Abundance, Inc. and is the Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU® WHO AM I TO ME™ VISION BOARD PROJECT, that will allow willing students to know a minimum of 3,000 new things about their WHO AM I TO ME™!


WHO AM I TO ME™ in the VISION BOARD PROJECT, will be arm of Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU® will be the arm providing opportunities for students to make an actual difference for other students, while creating their very first income source if they apply themselves.