Student Bonuses

Green relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity

  • Students will have the privilege of earning extra time in activities they appreciate or deem fun
  • Students will earn the right of earning points towards extra activities during the summer vacation
  • 12 Students per month will be surprised with a $25.00 bonus
  • Students will have the opportunity to create and introduce a game for Family Fun Night
  • Some students (10-20) will be selected to sit on the Student Advisory Board of Love In Abundance, Inc.
  • Students (10-20) will be able to participate in the Concept Committee for the Monthly Video Shorts Created Announcing to the word, the power of living the philosophy of Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU® (as part of the Single Parent Initiative)
  • Some students (10-25) will make up the Peer Review Committee for students choosing to be disruptive, etc.