Because every person who makes a donation to Love In Abundance is considered an extended family member; the donations will be listed along with the story behind it. Love In Abundance exist to create a feeling of Love and connected-ness to every person making a difference in the life of everyone working to make a difference at Love In Abundance. In the midst of a large portion of the blessings received denoting our history is missing because of a computer crashing-and prior to having the help to make public such blessings; we graciously and gratefully want to make a special effort to help every person choosing to be the difference they want to see know without a doubt, that they are Superstars to us! Because we are all about Love and sharing that Love with others, instead of just listing the donations in a disconnected way, we will tell the stories behind the donations to show the ease with which any person can make a difference in the life of a nonprofit. We want everyone to feel as if they too can play a role in evoking the long-term above temporary change they want to see in our children. We also want then to feel the difference it will make for them.


Heart Level Donors – Have donated time, expertise, and/or finances from $1,000 to $9,999. Because Love In Abundance, for a lot of people, came out of nowhere; we needed everything. It was amazing the number of people, known and unknown, who contacted us regarding the needs for our audience members. One email received was from a young man, still a student, who inquired as to if we had a logo or not. Because we did not, he asked if it would be ok for him to create one for us. Of course, the response was YES! We will be forever indebted to Haider Abdullah as a result. I know it’s different from the current logo, but by the time we arrived at the place to put it on banners, t-shirts, or anything else advertising Love In Abundance; the original design was no longer available. But, and because it is so beautiful; I thought it a great idea to allow you to see it. So what do you think? LIA, Logo Old Pretty gorgeous; right? Thanks Haider! One of Love In Abundance first external fundraisers was created by a Board Member, Jessica Wortham. The event was at the Melodrama Boutique, who gave Love In Abundance 10% of her profits for the time we were allowed to educate others about who we are and our quest to be the change we want to see. Check out Jackie Adams and Jessica Wortham at that event.

@ The Melodrama Boutique

@ The Melodrama Boutique






lia banner In 2012, Black Celebrity Giving founder and president Jasmine Crowe, held an informational, networking event in Houston, TX for nonprofits and entrepreneurs to come and gain insight into opportunities available. Vickie Gunnells-Hodge, founder, executive director, and CEO of Love In Abundance was present at that event. As everyone entered the room, we could see there were three prizes they were going to be giving away. Upon reviewing the prizes, Vickie determined that the Banner Ad created by Black Celebrity Giving would be most beneficial to Love In Abundance, Inc.  Every business owner was given a ticket, and the days activities went forward. At approximately 15 minutes before the events were over for the day, they asked everyone to pull out their tickets. The began by calling out the numbers for the other prizes, but those were not the prizes for Love In Abundance. Finally, they got to our prize and to my surprise, they called a number that was not Vickie’s. As Vickie was sitting next to Vernetta Freeney of Women Are Gamechangers and The Fusion Tour, she noticed that the number being called was Vernetta’s number. When Vernetta was informed that her number was being called, she said, “I want a nonprofit to win the banner ad.” As I sat there in awe of having such an incredible friend, because everyone was a business owner; one of Jasmine’s assistants called out the next number. It was my number, and I was elated! Here is a copy of the banner ad received as a result of a sacrifice of a dear friend, Vernetta Freeney, and the blessing of Jasmine Crowe of Black Celebrity Giving.

Love In Abundance Banner Ad, Black Celebrity Giving


Sometimes, you can get so bogged down by the day-to-day realities of students (that break your heart) that the ball is dropped to those who do more than talk about wanting to help, and actually do something to help. This message is for such a one. I, Vickie Gunnells-Hodge, founder and executive director of Love In Abundance wants to send a huge heart-felt hug and thanks to

Greta Malmin


Maurine Ford!

Thank you for your Love gift, made in September 2013, but was not noticed until late November. The problems preventing acknowledgement were not yours, but I pray that this perpetual notice will, in a small way, make up for our oversight. You ROCK Ms. Greta!!!

Vernetta Freeney, of the Fusion Tour (and Women Are Gamechangers) decided when she went into business that she wanted to invest in nonprofits in the area making a crucial difference in different ways, as a part of the foundation of her business. To that regard, Vernetta has featured Love In Abundance twice at a Gala held for three different nonprofits each year. She gave us a check and featured Love In Abundance and two other organizations. Check out the photo with Vernetta and the founders.

Women Are GameChangers Gala Showcasing Love In Abundance                 Women are Gamechangers Gala, Vernetta                  Women are Gamechangers Gala, Vernetta n I 2


Because giving is giving, one church school member and friend named Mary Canty came to an event for our girls in 2013, with featured speaker Stacie NC Grant, and became hooked on the benefits of Love In Abundance. Mary is a transport to Houston from the Carolina’s, and she has many financial responsibilities there. Mary is also a mother and grandmother, with all the responsibilities that comes with those titles. But in the midst of everything on Mary’s plate, and all those she is responsible to; Mary makes a regular donation to Love In Abundance of $25.00 a month that makes a difference for our little ladies. This month, Mary’s contribution purchased 25 books for our Book Club that will begin in August 2014. Please allow Mary’s contribution show you how easy it is to make a difference in the lives of once innocent little ladies in Title I schools and communities.


Bronze Level Donors – Have donated between $10,000 – $15,000. A friend totaled a vehicle recently paid for, and did not tell me straight away. Past legal training opened the thought that a contract needed to be created to gain access to their transportation, because three people in my house were in college, so my money had to grow to be funny. The details of the contract are not important, but a different friend asked, out of the blue, how she could help Love In Abundance. She listened to me attentively talk about all the ways Love In Abundance makes my life make sense. At the conclusion of our dialogue, Corliss Denman gave me a check for $500. I was excited, shocked, overwhelmed, and giddily happy! Most people talk about what they will do, but only a couple of people close to me actually made a donation to Love In Abundance for our desires to be the change we wanted to see in students and families served through Love In Abundance. Corliss actually picked me up and brought me to her house to give Love In Abundance usage of her Lexus SUV for several months, while the contracted vehicle was being repaired. (The truck actually caught on fire while I was driving on the freeway. I heard a loud pop, but had no idea what had happened. But I did notice that everyone behind me moved at least two lanes away from me. The blessing for me was GOD allowed me to make it to church, which was close, before the truck actually died on me.) When we pulled up to Corliss’ house; she said this is your baby, and you can use it as long as you need to. The picture below is not the actual car Corliss loaned me, because that one was lost in the computer crash. But this is an exact replica. Check it out… Corliss Donation, Lexus


Silver Level Donors – Have donated between $15,001 – $30,000.


Gold Level Donors – Have donated between $30,001 – $50,000.


Platinum Level Donors – Have donated $50,001 and above. The contract written for the truck to facilitate the needs of Love In Abundance was in exchange for a donation amount of $545.00 per month to cover his payments for the truck. This allowed Love In Abundance to continue the work begun, without placing him in a financial conundrum beyond his limitations. Love In Abundance has had the contract in place for several years. We have actually transported  17 very small little ladies to a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble Deerbrook, where we wrapped Christmas presents for shoppers in 2011 – who could, but did not have to donate to us. It was an awesome experience. What do you think about the truck? Excursion


(because this is the only level offered)

Creator of Change Visionary Because of the enormity of your blessing meeting a pivotal need for Love In Abundance or because your donation amount is over $200,000 or a facility; your name or likeness will appear on all printed literature of Love In Abundance. We are interested in a facility made from containers, with separate office spaces to be leased out as income property. We want to remain in the Acres Homes area, so please contact us if you are interested in making the desired difference for a group of little ladies who need Love In Abundance to have a home of our own to really be able to expand their definition of who they are and who they will come to believe they have every right to become! We, at Love In Abundance, love every one of you from a real place because you did not have to be the change you wanted to see in the lives of these children. We thank you from the depth of our hearts and our little ladies thank you as well!