Every person has a passion field whether explored or unexplored. The passion field that leads the founder’s charge is the area of education research. In education, reality dictates that the most proficient absolute in academia is advanced education equates to a higher socioeconomic standard (SES) of living. A distant, but quickly approaching cultural reality is students living in lower SES environments are directly affected by a variety of contributing factors that often lead to some students having an attitude of lessened academic achievement. The attitudes observed in students, created by the lower SES environments, have been the catalyst leading the charge for three research projects that began in 2008, conducted under the guidance of Houston Baptist University until the winter of 2009.

LIA’s students have shown what we already knew to be true, which is “all” only applies to a few things and our students are just students who deserve to be treated as equally deserving students. Working directly in the schools has provided critical insight into some of the intricately disturbing attitudes and behaviors of too many students in the academic learning environments attended who act as if:

  1. Academic instruction must include degrees of fun or entertainment, dependent upon the topic of discussion being introduced at the moment, if students are to become and remain excited about the education being introduced.
  2. The feelings of the student should dictate the level of involvement (or the lack thereof) with other students; educators providing academic instruction; or school administrators.
  3. Students who believed that they were already smart enough, so there was no need to be bothered with instruction talking about the need to master the social etiquette's, increase their lexicon, or perform community service in intermediate or middle school.
  4. The current home environment is indicative of the student’s future life environment, so there really is no need to bother becoming too intricately involved in those things that do not mesh with their current life ideologies, including, but not limited to their attitude about education.

In direct contrast to those ideologies, and as part of the founder’s degree fulfillments for Houston Baptist University (HBU) in both psychology and sociology; a research study had to be selected and completed for each discipline. While HBU’s agenda for the research projects was based on mastering each phase of research for the achievement of each degree sought; Love In Abundance founder’s motivation for excelling in each research project selected derived from the students being served by Love In Abundance every week who needed to know there was a way for them to secure the lessons needed to become an asset to any college or university.

  1. In an effort to understand the dynamics in place that cause students to believe education should include some form of fun or entertainment or to those students who have extreme trust issues with adults; the first psychological research study addressed “Fifth to Ninth Grade Students Attitude Toward Education via Lotus of Control”.
  2. In an effort to reduce the student’s belief that personal preference (no matter how devoid of the societal expectations) would be enough to secure to advanced education, the second psychological research study (an independent study added) sought to explore and identify “College and University Professors Perception of Incoming Freshmen Students”.
  3.  In an effort to redirect the student’s ideology about future life limitations because of acts of discrimination and racism continually experienced, the third sociological research study included “The Influence of Pierre Bourdieu's Sociological Capitals in the lives of Successful African American Female Executives.


Won’t You Help Us Help Children Who Will Be the Future if Supplied to Tools for the Responsibility and Advancement or Not?

5-9th Graders
Dr. Bourdieu