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PRO ME IS NOT ANTI YOU® is a global Crusade Promoting the Humanity of people, with a strong focus on inherent equality, instinctive kindness, and individual and collective empowerment. We seek to promote the differences in the humanity of people as truly incredible gifts, with unlimited potential and global benefits for every equally deserving human being. The secondary benefit of PRO ME IS NOT ANTI YOU® will be in showing students the power in being fully aware of the truths of their Who Am I to Me™, to assure they are viewed as being highly charismatic; socially astute human beings, with a highly appreciated and esteemed life and work ethic. We want to help willing students see that every person is born with at least one gift or talent they were given to change some societal wrong or something in their portion of the global universe. Students need to feel assured of their significance and ability to make a difference in the world, because it becomes easier for them to accept the truth that every portion of the global universe functions to address the rights of every equally valuable person, in the best way possible. But, the successful acceptance of the world functioning in the best ways possible for a larger population of its citizens, is predicated on every person living as the difference they were created to be. America functioning equally has never been the reality of life for Black people in America.

The travesties preventing these truths from being the truth in the larger society lies in those willing to thwart the rights of people to feel valued, valuable, and validated within the boundaries of their own mind, and even in their own country. Every person has the right to model personality traits like being unenlightened, ignorant, or living as a limited thinking person; however, and in the midst of either of these dispositions being extremely limited in capacity, empowerment, and growth; the personal rights of these people do not supersede the rights of any other person’s right not to be violated by these people. The rights of horrid people do not give them the right to denounce or diminish the rights and will of people who also have the right to make right choices for themselves. No one should be expected to act in contrast with their very disposition. As people, we must model the right of every person to accept every other person’s right to be the very people they are. Hence, the truth of living life with the belief that: Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU®.

It is up to every individual to get over or past those things they do not want to be the truth about other people, or those things they would prefer not to fathom about the abilities, probabilities, and power of people they would like to believe they are better than. While it is not a requirement to fathom the greatness in every person; it is also not a requirement, right, or expectation of human beings made in God’s image being subjected to the whims of people refusing to get over themselves, or accept the truth that everyone has equal rights to the fantastic gifts of free will and choice; which includes not being subjected to the ignorant will of another human being.

The problems in life with people that tends to arise in different interactions with people, is when people only see other people through their eyes; their feelings; their fears; their insecurities; the instinctive rights given to them, to the point of giving themselves full right to then censure the rights, gifts, talents, passions, and/or probabilities of other equally deserving people. If a person wants more, it is up to them to work out the details of their lives, to assure the words they speak match the end result expected. If, in absolute contrast, their will to talk about wanting more is only followed by their will to hate on those doing more than just talking about wanting more; the persons not doing more must accept the fact that until their walk for more matches their talk for more; they are merely speaking of fantasies—that only have the power to fulfill a fantasy.

People must grasp the truth that every person has the uninterrupted right to be the greatest version of who they are to self (without external opinions or comments being given any significant power), because the truths of one person has nothing to do with the truths of any other person and who they are to themselves. If as a person, you make the choice to live beneath the truth of your Who Am I to Me™ and your actual possibilities (because of a stronger preference for anyone else to achieve for you, things you have to achieve for yourself); please accept the fact and every pending consequence connected to refusing to become the greatest version of yourself. This means, any negative residue is yours alone to deal with or omit; correct?

PRO ME IS NOT ANTI YOU® is a life-long drive to insure inherent equality for every person currently deemed marginalized and treated as a minority, thus under-appreciated, and undervalued people in the country of their origin or the country called home, to first level the playing field of opportunities in every willing persons heart, mind, best interest, and favor.