Movement Fundraiser From June 28, 2014 – July 25, 2014

30 Second Love Hug!

Love In Abundance, Inc Welcome…

Dealing with a Teacher’s Pet

Love In Abundance Year 11

Monthly     Activity With Extra Activities Without Activities
Who Am I to Me? $9,000 $7,000
Power of         Effective Writing $8,000 $7,000
Economic     Capital   $8,000 $7,000
Cultural       Capital $8,000 $7,000
Social           Capital $12,000 $7,000
Cultural Capital $9,000 $7,090
How Is Your   Self Talk? $12,000 $7,000
Happy 13th    Anniversary $7,500 $7,000
What Type of Listener Are You? $7,500 $7,000
Manners &    Etiquette $7,500 $7,000
What Does Your External View Say…? $7,500 $7,000

Thank you for your gift, that will make a vast difference in the life of a little lady who needs your help!


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