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Changing Different into Something Positive

By far, one of the coolest lessons my grandparents ever taught me in the introductions to success in whatever I chose to do was in saying: Everyone’s level of success is going to look different, because it has to. Every person is born as an individual, with different gifts, talents, and repertoires of greatness. This…

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What is the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™ Compendium!

Growing up, you will discover through my published works, that I had a bit of a problem with sharing. My unwillingness to share wasn’t widespread. It was limited to not wanting to share my grandmother and my stuff with anyone. My grandparent’s rules taught me any number of lessons to deal with life in the…

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What Is Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!

WHAT IS PRO ME IS NOT ANTI YOU™ ? (Offered in the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!Compendium Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! in absolute contrast with hatred, racism, discrimination, or inequality is a life-long drive to insure inherent equality for every person by helping each person understand that just because someone is excelling…

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