About Us

A hand up not out for single parent and working poor families!

LIA Ladies, MJ Tribute 2012

Mission Statment

Aide every willing student in adopting the reality of Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! by helping them appreciate the power in knowing “Who Am I to Me?”

Vision Statement

Using an inside/out concentration, Love In Abundance will help willing minority children  respectfully face the realities of life via racism, discrimination, prejudice, being bullied, and people’s selective willingness to do right by them; by empowering them with the vastness of who they are and how to move forward for their benefit in preparation for becoming a global authority figure.

Love In Abundance activities are centered on the College Must Begin in the 8th Grade™ Life & Pre-College Preparatory Programwhich is centered on Dr. Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological capitals: Cultural, Social, Symbolic, and Economic.  The College Must Begin in the 8th Grade™ program is an 11-month a year program, carried out in four week modules. Each model tackles different problems or critical societal areas of concern, in a manner student's welcome. The four tier modules includes introduction of the problem, a practical application, an alternative approach, and peer-on-peer mentoring. LIA will begin our inaugural Book Club in the fall of 2014.