By far, one of the coolest lessons my grandparents ever taught me in the introductions to success in whatever I chose to do was in saying:

Everyone’s level of success is going to look different, because it has to. Every person is born as an individual, with different gifts, talents, and repertoires of greatness. This is a fact of life regardless of any contrasting opinions, which should empower each person. The reality often missed in relation to the term different is many people equate the word different to mean wrong or less than; instead of different just being different based on each and every individual and who they have the right to become as a person.

The logical person in me became excited because this truth allowed me to connect this lesson to masterfully dealing with racism and discrimination. Accepting the truth that different is different and it is  acceptable, allowed me to see that success for me was going to be based on masterful usage of my innate gifts and talents without having anything to do with any racist’s comments, opinions, or having to compare my areas of greatness to anyone else’s  level of greatness.

Since I was already deemed different, my responsibility to myself was create an environment where my level of difference allowed me to do me to the maximum capacity, while being the change I want to see based on things I saw that need changing, so:

  • My version of difference, for my level of success, allows me to empower those I wanted to without factoring in how anyone else feels about it.
  • My level of success and the difference allotted grants me the power of creating my own dynamics of freedom for myself and anyone else I chose to just because I want to.
  • The peace I have in knowing that my individual level of greatest is all about my earnest desires, has provided me the freedom to only factor in things I knew I needed to allow me to feel the greatest about me, because of making the difference for my students based on their needs.
  • My version of difference, especially as it relates to Love In Abundance, allows me to gladly accept and appreciate everything relating to my version of success, while incorporating the needs of my students.
  • My difference grants me access to live blessed to be a blessing, by allowing me to create an empire with multiple income streams for myself and every Student Ambassador.
  • My responsibility to live blessed to be a blessing and the acceptance of my right to be different grants me permission for my heart to be the happiest simply because I do what I want to do to assure my rise includes some well deserved, hard working students.
  • Ultimately, acceptance of my level of different fell in line with the truth of each person being given specific gifts, talents, and abilities. Since every person’s gifts, talents, and repertoires of greatness are needed to make the world work in the best way possible, for each person’s sake and the global economy; the only problem experienced in my inability to understand what guides the logic for remaining focused on anyone else’s level of different instead of choosing to master their own level of different? Inquiring minds really do what to know!

Living the belief that every person’s gifts, talents, and repertoires of greatness were pertinent to the world functioning as it should made it easy to believe there could be no will by any person to think their level of success had to be like or look like anyone else’s. Using the term different in a positive way removed the tension that seemed to force some people to tear down any other person’s dreams, goals, desires, or efforts. Redefining the term different to be something positive also removed the animosity between people in our circle, which opened the door for everyone to be cool with helping anyone else gain the success needed because we knew it would eventually make a grand difference for our people and anyone else choosing not to be ignorant.