(Offered in the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!Compendium

Pro ME is Not Anti YOU! in absolute contrast with hatred, racism, discrimination, or inequality is a life-long drive to insure inherent equality for every person by helping each person understand that just because someone is excelling in their gift or talent; it in no way takes away from or has anything to do with any other person excelling in their gifts and talents.

  • Pro ME is Not Anti YOU! is not, nor can it ever be for anything GOD is against!
  • Pro ME is Not Anti YOU! is not a cause for violence, drawing arms, becoming or remaining a person who reacts first and thinks later.
  • Pro ME is Not Anti YOU! is not about Black power, Latina power, White power, Asian power, gay power or any other power seeking to create division.
  • Pro ME is Not Anti YOU! is not a directive for those on a mission to hurt anyone perceived to be speaking alternate opinions to, of, or about them.
  • Pro ME is Not Anti YOU!should be thought of as a peaceful resolution able to finally squash those feelings of being less than or better than any other to create an environment welcoming true equality for every person.
  • Pro ME is a means of focusing on the positive and encouraging aspects of each person able to show themselves as an asset to themselves and the world; while Not Anti YOU! allows any other person to keep their focus on the positive and encouraging aspects of who they are to be considered an asset to themselves and the world.
  • Pro ME is Not Anti YOU!is a practical and relatable means of showing each person there is no shortness of greatness, thus no need to diminish or destroy the greatness observed in any other. There is only a shortage in the number of those willing to rightly define and then exhibit their varying repertoires of greatness; that is until now—right?

DISCLAIMER: This Movement is not yet an opportunity to promote any of the powers adults deem a priority, because too many children are suffering at the hand of some adult living as the priority over them. The focus must remain on helping students and young adults move beyond their frustration of being ignored or abandoned, feeling or having been offered less than, or being undervalued, and on to using the power of their skill sets, gifts, talents, voices and internal Superhero to respectfully promote themselves without denying the same rights to others.

The initial goal is to provide a voice for each child (10-18) and young adult (19-30) sick and tired of the willingness of any person to deny or limit their probabilities because of any feelings of superiority or an alternate person’s insecurities.

The objective is to level the playing field of opportunities in the mind and favor of each person currently feeling undervalued in or by anyone in the greater global society.

LOVE BREAK! Until each person is willing to accept the reality of having been born with a specific gift or talent to change their portion of the world, there will be an innate willingness within persons insecure about their who, what, or why to attempt to tear down any other person actually living according to their gifts and talents; thus the truth of who they must be to themselves. The reality missed is everyone’s gifts and talents are absolutely necessary to assure the world functions as it should, which means every single gift and talent is necessary and of the utmost importance. Many of the problems in the world today exist because someone has refused to live mastering their gifts and talents, so they cannot bear the thought of other people mastering their gifts and talents. Please instead grant yourself permission to discover and then master your gifts and talents to show the world what can happen when every person purposely makes their intended difference in the world instead of spewing nonsense and hating on others which causes problems throughout the world.

We need your help to empower these students to brand who they are instead of continuing to allow them to be negatively branded by society at large. Will you help us help them by referring students to submit a query for why their voice will be the change other students need to see, hear, and experience via Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!  All email queries should be sent to: pmnaymovement@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to tell them you referred them because we want to model the concept of reward and reciprocity.