Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! As A Tool To Prohibit Settling for Less Than Your Best

In the midst of all the rules I had to live by because my grandmother was determined that I not live as a slave or sharecropper, and without the benefit of a degree immediately after high school because I struggled with being in a controlled environment after three years of physical abuse at the hand of my father; in five years I had normally made all the money I was going to in my position or I had become bored with what I had to do for a living. My grandparents often said, use every negative and make it something positive; and I made every effort to train myself to carry out the practice of positivity in every area of my life; especially those causing me pain or distress.

Boredom, for me, was one of the most horrible things to experience, so reading had always been my way out. In the midst of granting myself permission to forego living up to the greatest version of myself because of traumas I at one time attempted to avoid; acceptance of having to do more than to be considered as good as helped me create a reality more agreeable for me. Whenever I gave myself permission to do less than my best, I heard one of the many rules of life given to make me check myself. And boredom, for me, is normally how I came to appreciate the truth attached to the rules of life given to live by growing up. Boredom also opened the door to finally accepting the truth that my grandparents were preparing me to master my life instead of merely just existing in my life hoping for the best.

As much as I loved books, learning and all the power they provided; there were times when I wanted to do a lot less just because I wanted to. Thankfully, this attitude only lasted for a day or two. The lesson of settling for less hurt a little because I heard it the first time when I wanted to provide myself the option of being a little lazy. In lieu of not appreciating or valuing the power of this major life lesson cloaked in my gift of choice to accept it—the lesson is still undeniably the truth if accepted or not:

“Every time you settle for one thing instead of putting in the work to get to the greatest thing; you have no one else to blame but yourself when you do not achieve your goals and objectives. If you fail to do your best in the first place, know that you do not have the right to give other people an attitude or grief because of your choices in the second place. You have to accept the fact that you chose to live beneath your potential, while accepting all of the ramifications that come with that without giving the grief attached to other people. Remember, choice is one of the absolute greatest gifts ever given to man, but choice does not concern itself with who you think you are or what you believe you deserve. Choice merely follows the lead of its initiator, and never takes the stronger role of making right decisions or choices for you.”

With students, we have found it best to place all pertinent life lessons to the test. In this case, in allowing students (10-18) and young adults (19-30) to become Student Ambassadors for the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!Movement, students are allowed the privilege of gaining confidence in what they can do, which will strengthen their desire for those things they will come to believe they have to do. Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! exists to offer each willing student the power of their voice, and together we will help them broaden for self who they believe they must become. Help us help them by referring them to Make sure to have them list you as the person to have referred them, because it will help us know who to send the 10% donation to.