The Need to Move Past the Anger to Get to Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!

The Need to Move Past the Anger to Get to Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!


As many 21st century children are taken into consideration, there are countless children throughout the world without the benefit or pre-knowledge of how to form positive relationships to get through the uncomfortable portions of their lives or in preparation for how to create and arrive in the greatest future. Love In Abundance exist to restore these children to their individual place of completeness, to then empower each student with the right to respectfully live as her priority to secure the plans each still has the right to own for the future.  Some student realities would reveal very little room to deal with or also address the travesties of racism, purposeful hatred, and willful acts of discrimination; but regretfully these are realities the most in need students have to deal with in addition to their everyday realities. Within the span of about six years, Love In Abundance experienced students whose internal support system was broken, so their realities included truths like:

  1. “You trifling little b_ _ _ _, you better get your lazy a _ _ up and start cleaning up this house, washing all these clothes…” a 16 year old
  2. “I don’t care what you want to do; you better get your sorry a _ _ out of this house and go make me some money…” a 13 year old
  3. “I know I’m going to be miserable as long as I’m in the house, but I think it’s going to better prepare me for when I leave this house and go into the real world…” a 15 year old
  4. “My brother is like Jesus, because he can do no wrong. My sister and I have to wash all the clothes, fold all the clothes, clean up, take out the trash, settle for leftovers because any male gets the best. And my grandmother lets any of the male members of my family beat me for no reason; while my brother does absolutely nothing but call us a fat b _ _ _ _ or funky w_ _ _ _ _…” a 13 year old
  5. “Our mother talks crazy to us or she calls me and my sister sneaky whores for sneaking out of the house. But we learned how to sneak out of the house from her, every time she sneaked out on our father.” A 15 and 21 year old at an alternative school campus
  6. My mom died a few months ago and my father is in the house, but not here for me. But every time I get in trouble at school for defending myself; he tells me to either suck it up or I have to do better. He’s not here and my mother’s gone; so what am I supposed to be sucking up? Or what is doing better? I just lost my mom and where is my father? A 13 year old at an alternative school campus

There are so, so, so many far worse things being told to children who did not come into the world expecting to be violated in any way. In lieu of the fact that these children are equally deserving children; many are held down to the limitations of lessons not taught, re-taught, and consistently modeled before them in a variety of different settings.  This does not include the “No Tolerance” rules initiated on several school campuses that can be founded on biased opinions. Students have spoken of school officials ignoring the reports of violation of any type prior to some students being deemed in mis-alignment with school rules. And the child as a result is sent to an alternative school campus in lieu of the fact that they did what they were supposed to, to prevent it.

A larger than ever before group of children exist without support systems informing them of the knowledge of how to form the best social alliances with people able to help them believe in themselves and secure their dreams for the future. Like children tend to choose friendships based on those giving the appearance of “family” (gangs or clicks) or those offering their version of “Love” (inappropriate relationships on various levels). And because many are merely children seeking the love, guidance, and protection they see more than they get to experience; like children tend to fill discussions about what he or she will never do, what they do not want in life, or what he or she will not be able to accomplish in their lives; ever.

In the midst of these children being equally deserving children who arrived as open vessels seeking all types of positive input, feedback, love, knowledge, guidance, hugs, affection, encouragements, discipline, structure, and support; like children are typically held accountable for lessons no one has bothered to teach or secure they have in depth knowledge of.

Children are born expecting to be loved and provided for while being given the tools to live their very best self. In the midst of these student’s everyday realities, they then have to add lessons in how to deal with or overcome acts ingrained in systematic racism, without having an attitude or drama. In every other scenario it takes at least two people to make anything go wrong; but this appears to be another reality denied the most in need children. Instead of these kids being applauded for continuing to show up; people talk about these babies having a bad attitude.

Society at large appears to be in a hurry up and wait stage when it comes to doing right by or treating these children as equally deserving children; while grown people, within and beyond those who look like them grant themselves permission to open their mouths to only talk about them. Many of these children are not guided in the ways they should go; self protect mode leads their charge forward, Some of our students have said, “Since I don’t have nobody willing to do right by me, I can do right by myself!”

Love In Abundance, as a result, is in the business of helping our students learn how to act and react in the best means possible because society at large seems to have no interest in creating an environment intentionally welcoming them. We like to provide our students with a voice of empowerment to allow them to discuss some of their concerns or worries because it makes them feel someone is genuinely concerned about them. In this case, and because America likes to conduct polls for any number of things; we gave our students the right to ask questions as if they were the power people creating the polls. In flipping the script for how polls are taken, while offering a more inclusive sample audience; our students really impressed me with some of their most lingering thoughts. Check it out:

In a country so enamored with polls to show someone’s like or disdain for any topic related to President Barack Obama, the first Black president of the United States of America, our students wanted to know what would the poll results look like if America were to conduct a series of surveys with only Black and Latino people as the participants? The idea is not to presume these opinions are the only opinions that count, but neither is the current polling system that appears to limit the inclusion of the audiences most negatively affected by congressional or senatorial actions.


For the sake of seeing life through broader eyes and perspectives, what, for example, would poll results look like if those deemed the least were the strongest voices heard?

  • What would the results look like if a survey were conducted inquiring about how many Black or Latino people believe the anger, hostility and violence now experienced in heightened degrees derives from the power shown when they came together to elect President Obama as the first Black President in this country, and the fear created in some White people who now want to squash those unions from becoming any stronger?
  • What would the results look like if a survey were conducted inquiring about how many Black people think it’s some White people’s hatred for President Obama as a Black man running this country that is trickling down to those who want to do something to him but cannot? So every other Black person, especially Black men they want to take their vengeance out on, is suffering the consequences through loss of life, public disrespect, denied employment, unequal wages or benefits, skewed media messages, or abject humiliation?
  • What would the results look like if there were a poll inquiring as to how many Black people believe there is an influx of acts of hatred spewed across the airways and in the streets, leaving many Black parents and Black women even more worried about the safety of their Black children, Black spouses, Black relatives and Black friends every time they leave their presence because of the horrors they now regularly hear about or experience happening to Black men murdered by the police in this country?
  • What would the results look like if there were a poll addressing media sources that were once unbiased, or at the very least respectful to ascertain how many Black or Latino people believe these sources now feel free to spew their disgust, disdain, and/or hatred as the news or newsworthy stories because they are extremely perturbed about having a Black president or the threat of a future Latino president of America?
  • What would the results look like if a poll were conducted with Black people to inquire as to how many of them believe America wants the world to be fearful of Black people as a whole, so the news or media sources purposely replay more horrid stories committed by Black people giving every detail known about them, while only mentioning the crime committed by a White person without mentioning the crime was committed by a White person and no specific details are given unless they have deemed the crime despicable to them?
  • What would the results look like if a poll were conducted with Latino people to inquire as to how many of them believe the increase in border patrols or rejecting the idea of them becoming American citizens is stemmed in some White person’s desire to limit who should be able to become an American citizen—even though those deemed American Indians were here to meet those given the right of first American citizens?
  • What would the results look like if a poll were to be conducted with Latino people to inquire as to how many of them believe some White person’s fear is the force driving their willingness to deport them back to their country, as a means of prohibiting Latinos from becoming the majority in this country?

Now remove the query and understand each poll question was a question mentioned or spoken of by a Black or Latino student in some degree. Regardless of how much or how little the “powers that be” believe these children know about what’s going on in this country, they do know they are not treated the same as White children in America and they are growing tired of this reality. This section is an excerpt from Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! subtitled: Who Am I to Me™?

If you know some students (10-18), and young adults (19-30) with similar queries who’d like the privilege of using the power of their voice; please refer them to Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! via We can rebrand who they are and whom they have every right to be together, and recreate a society of instinctive empowerment and systematic unity and inherent equality.