Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! Request for Student Ambassadors

Love In Abundance has just entered our 13th year of existence, and we are embarking on a new direction of change, growth, and exuberance for every student, young and old. Our goal is to help students rebrand who they are and believe they have every right to become via:

Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!

This Movement, 9-week Activity book, companion Compendium, and Workshop and Tour seeks to incite Instinctive Kindness, Individual Empowerment, and Inherent Equality to truly encapsulate the power instilled in Human Power!  Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! has to move beyond Black, White, Latino, Indian, Asian, or gay power, and initiate the truest power available to encourage respect and appreciation for the human within us. This is the task before us, and we welcome your help. As we take notice of the 50th Anniversary of Selma, one of the darkest days in America for Black people; Love In Abundance still has to help students overcome issues stemming in the still prevalent acts of racism in America because racism has not moved to being a thing of the past. As the leader of empowerment through Love In Abundance, for every student’s right and sake; I take it personally when others instinctively hurt, tear down, or maliciously malign once innocent children for reasons far beyond who they are and have every right to become. Students have current events assignment to conduct purposely seeking articles of students who look like them to encourage them. They saw Black children excelling academically being maligned by mainstream media, and we were angry. Our students were once again dealing with their realities and the pains of hate and racism, because of students who were doing what they were supposed to be doing. A public visual platform had to be provided to allow our students to brand themselves, showing the world a more accurate picture of who they are, and their innate dreams and aspirations.

GOD has used Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! as our answer to empower all of us to keep a stronger focus on who we are as individuals.  This platform needs Student Ambassadors around the world (no more than 96 per state and abroad), to rebrand themselves to educate America as to the power and will of each student. Students (10-18) and young adults (19-30) must complete a portion of Who Am I to Mebecause of other privileges offered, and we need to know how to best help them. A query letter should be sent to: Contracts will be signed.

Selected Student Ambassadors will create a video announcing who they are, their dreams for the future, and why it was so important for them to be a part of the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™ Movement! Student Ambassadors will receive a free ticket to one leg the Workshop and Tour for each new video initiated. This opens the door to invite their friends or an equally deserving student to share in the growth experiences offered.
Each Student Ambassador will be responsible for creating two video shorts per month, wearing our t-shirts with a minimum of 12 people in their video short, lasting no longer than 2 minutes Videos must promote their brilliance without taking away from the brilliance of others or videos can educate America about their true power by turning a social negative into their reality which is more positive. Each Student Ambassador will become philanthropic from their own efforts, and make a shared donation of 30% of the net profit of the t-shirts ordered to a parent, teacher, group, or nonprofit of their choice. The donation will be in the name of Love In Abundance, Inc and the Student Ambassador.
Student Ambassadors will encourage other pre-teens and teens (10-18) and young adults (19-30) in their city or throughout the country to create at one new video short per month, and receive 10% of the net profit of the t-shirts purchased. Amounts over $500 will go into each students 529 account for advanced education. Student Ambassador will share 5% of the net profits for the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™! Who Am I to Me™ 9-Week Activity Book and the Pro ME is Not Anti YOU™!Compendium. The details are outlined in the contract each student will sign (along with a parent or guardian), as my way of showing instead of saying thank you!
Student Ambassadors must be willing to make up the Governing Board creating the mandates to address and correct disciplinary problems to arise amongst Student Ambassadors. Any Student Ambassador responsible for the creation of seven (7) groups of 12 video shorts will earn a free ticket and transport to an additional leg of the Workshop and Tour—with a parent if under 18.
Twelve Student Ambassadors from each state will be selected to lead the Grievance Committee to address student appeals. Student Ambassadors will earn10% of the net profits for their own efforts from the t-shirts purchased for each video short created