Calling All Female Students!

Love  In Abundance is looking to expand the number of Black and Hispanic female students worked with, in 5th-12th grade, since we are moving out of the Title I schools we have been working in for the last decade. If you are a female interested in learning how to successfully prepare yourself for the future interested in pursuing! Love In Abundance Offers Skills in:

  • How to Master the Often Unspoken Social Etiquette’s
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Social Skills
  • Pre-College Programs Prepared Just for You
  • Gain a Social, Academic, Behavioral, Moral Voice and Advocate
  • Opportunities to Promote Your Gifts and Talents, while
  • Gaining the Opportunity to Earn Funds for Advanced Education

Interested students should send an email announcing herself and why she would be a perfect participant to the Love In Abundance family, to We look forward to seeing you in college!