Defining Pro ME—IS NOT—Anti YOU™!

Pro ME—IS NOT—Anti YOU™! is an approach Love In Abundance has used since our inception in 2002, to reduce the feelings of being determined less than, not equal to, qualified for, or feeling reduced to the lessened expectations of some for once innocent Black and Hispanic students as a means of living them up to their innate gifts and talents instead of continuing to focus on opinions significantly limiting our students potential.

Mainstream media and the powers that be in governmental capacities have had the strongest bearing on the belief system of children who appear to be told to get accustomed to settling for less than, because that is how we are going to present you, and what we intend to offer you. Other parents with self-efficacy issues play a role in having to combat negative or limiting opinions; but the idea of the mantra is to help student come to the place of instinctively living the reality of having to work in their best interest with minimal focus on anything or anyone else. In recent months, in the midst of portraying positive Black and Hispanic images, negativity reared it’s ugly head. Check it out:

In an article titled, Why Does A Washington Post Reporter Not Want Us To Care About These Black Boys Getting Into Ivy League Schools? – See more at:; what positive good could have come from:

“The stories of these two young scholars have been burning up my social media timelines. However, Valerie Strauss, education reporter for The Washington Post, is just not impressed. In her piece entitled, But Did He Apply to Stanford? Strauss offers Enin congrats on his eight Ivy League acceptances, but asks “Now can we stop talking about him?” She is equally as dismissive of the Coffey viral story, bluntly writing, “Well done. But that’s enough.” – See more at:

Stories are read about White students thriving in life and education, and the first, second, or third inclination is not to take away from the accomplishments of those students. They are instead applauded, and for desiring students; their motivation is heightened to work harder to accomplish their goals for the future also.

In an article titled, #WhiteGirlsRock Trends On Twitter During Black Girls Rock Show – See more at:; what prompted the need to negate empowering Black girls when mainstream media has a limited willingness to show positive actions carried out by Black Girls or Women?

A white woman named Olivia Cole published an essay called “Why I’m Not Here For #WhiteGirlsRock” on The Huffington Post. The article went on to describe  why a show like this is so important. The writer also spoke about how positive images of black women are scarce and shows like this display to the world how important they are. Cole went on to say that 99 percent of Hollywood movies and magazine covers had white women’s faces on them. She also noted that most of The Emmy awards and Oscars feature white women. Cole said later in the article that many African-American girls go through their whole lives thinking there is only one way to be beautiful.

Thank you Olivia Cole! You ROCK!

In an article titled, Beauty Whitewashed: How White Ideals Exclude Women of Color, by Lexie Kite, PhD. and Lindsey Kite, PhD on report that:

In a country where a full one-third of the population is black, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latina, the serious under-representation of women of color in media is really disturbing. Further, when you only account for the women of color shown in positive roles or depictions – especially those depicted as beautiful or desirable – the number is almost negligible. 

Thank you ladies for all that you are doing! YOU Guys ROCK!

But where do young girls get a large idea of the right images? Magazines and mainstream media; right?

So, in lieu of some people appearing quite comfortable being concerned for their children and somehow believing Black parents have lowered expectations for their children; Love In Abundance job is to teach students the social etiquette’s to excel in life and society. And at the same time; we have to make sure that we infuse the same amount of lessons for dealing with racism, instinctive hatred, and being treated differently because of something as simple as (something completely out of their control) the role given to their pigmentation. Love In Abundance, because of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the explaining… Empowers our students with the life mantra of

Pro ME—IS NOT—Anti YOU™!

to assure our students know how to excel and exist through being reduced to something they had nothing to do with, and on to whom they were gifted to become. We accept, appreciate, and value the power and contributions of White people as a whole, individually, and collectively. All we ask is that our children are given the same honor of being accepted, appreciated, and valued as a whole, individually, and collectively because they have every right to decide, live, and be given equal opportunities to pursue the life they have worked hard to secure, without being reduced to the limitations of their pigmentation. PLEASE!!!!