Making Students a Part of the Change Desired…

Yesterday was the beginning of a new phase of growth for Love In Abundance, in that, our students were given the privilege of being a part of the change for young people like them going forward. Love In Abundance, in partnership with T.Wayne the Builder in Ohio, has partnered to be the change we want to see in students who are not given equal access to the greatest education, readily offered the best opportunities, or are even devoid of the support system needed to proudly walk into their individual areas of greatness! Many will agree that attitude, behavior, some of the conversations spoken or heard, and overall social preparedness are issues prohibiting others from experiencing the awesomeness of our students. In an effort to evoke the desired levels of long term above temporal change, we have each taken 25 students from each company, who will create a game infusing life lessons of advancement for overall student empowerment. Contracts and permission slips went home yesterday for Love In Abundance students, and will be distributed via T. Wayne the Builder over the coming week. Our students were elated about the possibility of being a part of something that will change how students view self and their future. The desire is to enhance each student’s willingness to work to create more than one income stream for self in preparation for living the grand life and future often talked about. This phase of change will be accomplished through a square board with inserted pieces.

In an effort to open the door to others being a part of the change they also want to see; individuals, businesses, or organizations can either make a donation to Love In Abundance or have a piece on the game named after you, your company, or organization through one of the following sponsorships. The outline for the game is listed below to provide a visual of where like entities may see their desired images:

Likeness on an external square – $5,000

Likeness on an internal square – $10,000

Likeness on a Card Piece – $ $15,000

Or, if you prefer to make a donation of any size, please click on the following link to play a role in being the change you want to see –

LIA, Black Board Game Template