Modeling the Boundaries for Trust

Love In Abundance has been a nonprofit organization for eleven years, and during that time we have both experienced and learned some pretty pivotal things. The following are a few of the highlights:

In 2005, LIA began our first in-school program with 47 intermediate school counselor selected female students in a Title I school in Aldine ISD; 27 female sophomore students at Stephen F. Austin , and 54 students in an alternative school campus in Houston ISD. Externally, these students were beautiful, smart, and talented enough to manipulate situations in their favor. But internally, they had no insight as to who they were or who they knew for sure, they had the right to become in their future. As a divorced mother of three, varying dispositions had been experienced in my own children; but it in no way prepared me for the dispositions of students so desperately in need of help. Many of the students encountered had severe trust issues with adults, extreme anger issues-with the first response to issues involving discontent to be anger or fighting to really hurt someone.

After days of experiencing their beauty on the outside and mistrust or violence on the inside ; re-entering advanced education could not occur soon enough. The thought of hurting them any further was unbearable, so the fields sought able to offer long term above temporal change were psychology and sociology. In the purposeful decision to incorporate students into every lesson learned; LIA found our niche. Students began truly talking to and with us, teaching us things as we taught them things. We, in turn, exposed students to unknown amenities in the city that helped to solidify our bond of mutual trust and interdependence, while broadening our students definition of who she was; thus who she could become in her future.

Because the nonprofit arena thrives on the kindness of others to correct issues that could become greater societal issues; and because funding for LIA was already limited-it just made sense to learn to create our desired financial dynamics, so LIA purposely dedicated the next five years  to researching areas of necessity from the past, as well as proficiencies to empower students for the future by also researching the present and future. Two studies were required for the achievement of each degree being sought; but a third study was added to truly be able to supply students a group of life skills able to ease her path into heightened self-sufficiency in all areas.

The end result has been the gift of the College Must Begin in 8th Grade™ Series that will bless Love In Abundance, Inc and our students. LIA’s goal is to change some of the life limiting stories and comments spoken to and about Black and Hispanic students currently attending under-served public education facilities. The objective is to empower each willing student with the social, behavioral, moral. character developmental, and academic acuity to be able to define the boundaries of her life and future, based on her gifts, talents, and the knowledge acquired to create the greatest future. Because students have played such a pivotal role in the creation of each book in the  in the College Must Begin in 8th Grade™ Series, each book will be introduced via a series of Cover Design Contest fundraisers for Love In Abundance that will bless every student participant in their efforts to pursue advanced education.

Everything introduced through Love In Abundance is introduced to act as a learning or teachable moment. In an effort to show this truth in practical terms, as well as showing students my appreciation (while gaining the support of a larger number of students); like students are currently being selected from Title I and lower performing schools to attend a Book Reading Party  to gain their opinions of the final products. Once the students in attendance agree with the ideologies of the books; we will gain their help to further our efforts, as well as their audiences of students. Our means to bless students who bless us will be through serious assistance via every participant being able to earn or win funds to pursue their advanced education efforts. To support our efforts, and sponsor a month’s activities; please click on the DONATE button, and you will be happy because of the role you played in making  a difference in the life of an equally deserving female student.